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Welcome Everyone!

Maayong Adlaw!, before you start seeing my blog let me give you a short introduction about the Author ;-) .
Just call me Namae, and I am currently studying at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation as a Computer Science student. This is my last year in College and hopefully God will bless me to finish this stage. I am now an intern in an ICT department and my main task is to help in the development of the school website version 2. I also do other technical stuff aside from the website.
So everyone, this blog will note the journey I've been through during this internship.
Enjoy Reading!

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WEEK 1 (March 9 - March 16, 2022) (Day 1 - 5)
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My first week as an intern is a little bit challenging, since I am used of staying at home during my 3rd year to 4th year first semester in College. There is a big adjustment in body clock and daily routine. But then, I end my first week smoothly.
So these are the duties that I did;

  • Installing Programs on a client computer.

  • Checking the Social Work department printer.

  • Troubleshooting client computer.

  • Fixing Internet Connection to Junior High Office.

  • Checking functional and Defective computer parts in Computer Laboratories.

  • Checking errors in Guidance Office computers.

  • Getting specs in all the Lab 2 computers.

  • Installing software in client computer.

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  • Familiarizing the tools for the development of the website.

  • Getting Specs in all the computers in Lab 1.

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  • Troubleshooting a client Laptop.

  • Starting forming the menus in the website.

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WEEK 2 (March 17 - March 23, 2022) (Day 6 - 10)
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Hi Everyone! atlas its my second week as an intern. In this week there is no new things happened, my routine is the same as last week but not all those stuffs. I guess until I finished this intern my task is still the same (laughing). Though its the same thing but there are specific things that I just learnt now. So let me show here again the tasks that I did.

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  • Troubleshooting a client Laptop.

  • Finishing the list of menus in the university website.

  • Assisting a professor in the CSW regarding on posting in Canvas.

  • Reformatting units on different departments.

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This may look too few, but guess what, I almost do this everyday. Well not all of them maybe.

WEEK 3 (March 24 - March 31, 2022) (Day 11 - 15)
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Hello again! I'm back :-) . This section will tell how I spend the last week of March. What I learned maybe in this week is how to be patience at work, especially on the job you made. This week show me that there's a lot of "hilason" na client, and we have no choice but to be humble even though you wanted them to be put in a box (kidding aside). Anyway, I just focus on the Home section in the website menus for this week and formatting a unit for ones. Nevermind with my station I just wanted to put some color on it.

So now, I just wanna say Hello April! be good to me. See you in the next section everyone!


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