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How to write technical articles to be read? Summarized the points when writing technical articles.

Everyone, are you writing technical articles? This time I will write about writing the technical article itself.

Should I write technical articles?

Even if you are not an engineer "Information dissemination" is important. It might not be a freelance, but also leads to work from there. It would be better to write rather than write.

Of course, if you write for the purpose of taking work, you should write it because it is a fine sales activity. Dialing up-to-date information and so on will be branding.

For those who do not, it is a good idea to keep as much logs as possible, such as contents that are troubled by errors. After 3 months you will get the same error and you will read it. Lol

However it is subtle to write until impossible. Let's take a relaxation level so as not to reduce the time to write the code.

I would like to be read if it writes anyway

First, we classified what kind of technical articles are. For the translation article as well, the contents themselves are not the following feelings.

  • Trend article
  • Summarize the troubles
  • Article summarizing what you studied
  • Introduces what you were making as a case
  • Article to write about what people asked
  • Poem

For each, I will write important points to be read.

Trend article

Anyway trend articles Speed ​​is important!

Let's quickly post articles within 3 days that people in the neighborhood say, "Oh, new library is out" or what it is.

And it is quite important that the trend article is concise. Because people are central to want to know the summary to the last.

Therefore, if you can write content like "I understand it," you can say "Oh ~ React hooks, perfectly understood" and share it.

It might not be a blog after all. Sometimes it is good on Twitter or Youtube.

Summarize the troubles

Anyway the error log is important!

Let's put the most important wording that comes out with error message on the title if possible.

This is to make it possible for people who got on that error to arrive. In other words, do not expect it to be read immediately after writing.

After that, since it is necessary to hit on google, minimum SEO is important!
If lose the rank to "Zero answer question at stackoverflow" were too pitiful to look at. lol

Even if it's not an error, let's make it a title that seems to be googling, such as "foo is not work".

However, if you write an article with a niche error wording, it feels okay.

You will thank my past past when you forgot.

Article summarizing what you studied

This is important comprehensiveness!

Even if you write comparative articles, it is important to write reference articles carefully and to be written comprehensively even if it is long.

"With this and this, which one is the fastest in the end ..."? I want to avoid such things as getting departed.

Also, this is also important SEO because it will not be read unless it is displayed in the first page on google.

Introduces what you were making as a case

Tightly Writing to be advertising is important!

If a person does not come to the thing which it made after all, it means meaningless to put it.

The ideal is to become "product launch" → "How do you make this service here?" → "Wow ~ commentary articles have a certain share and share".

Only articles that I just want to advertise are noise

Article to write about what people asked

When dropping the content asked by someone into an article. It is appreciated by shouting out the URL of the article even if asked by the same person twice.

It is important whether the person heard is content that is satisfactory. Would it be better if a person asked about the content checks it?

After that, Being asked is surely demanded Since it is an article, if you have such an opportunity, you'd better write it carefully in the article.


Emotional content is important. Let's open the emotion as much as possible. If you have emotional content, then you do not need anything.

It will be read more naked. That's the internet.

Important points when writing entirely

The title is important

It is important to incorporate the technical content you used or something to be subtracted. I want to make it not longer than 30 characters or the like (it was not such a limit that letters cut by google search)

Let me know the date you wrote the article

Personal blogs may forget to display dates in the first place. You have trouble later when you write old articles as old as they are old.

Write down the operating environment etc. as much as possible

And I will post version information as much as possible. It is best if the reproduction environment with codepen.

Should I write even if it is short?

No matter how short it is better to write than not write.

Error Wording

In the third line of foo.js, bar

I fixed it after writing this line.

Even just three lines are worth it!

It may help someone in trouble with the same error.

Even if information gets old and subtle, it is google's job not to go out of that article, so you do not have to worry about it.

If anything I can afford to write, let's write. It will never be negative.


  • Let's be aware that there are points to be read by writing articles
  • Well, most articles are not read in the first place, so do not mind even if you do not read it
  • It's better to write as carefully as possible, but let's get out of time as soon as possible
  • The location may be changed depending on what kind of output you want to do
  • Let's write virtues anyway afterwards

I wrote something like this, but it is great just by sending out first!

If you can afford to write a variety of easy-to-read articles! Anyway, if there are 3 lines at first, okay! ! !

that's all.

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