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Final Year Projects for Computer Science and IT Students 2022-2023

This article list some projects that can be used for Final Year Projects for IT (Information Technology) and Computer Science students. The projects are developed or written using

  1. PHP,
  2. Visual Basic
  3. .NET,
  4. C#,
  5. Python.

These projects will help you to enhance or your knowledge and skills in developing software-based, web-based, or online applications. You can also use the projects as the reference that might be related to your current projects.

The projects are shared by different developers which I can say that it could be great to learn to different programmers that have different skills set, nature of coding, and techniques.

All projects I will Upload On My GitHub, keep following Me. Feel free to explore and download your desired projects that can be useful in your Final Year Project.




Hotel Management System in VB.Net Integrated with Bunifu Framework and MySQL Database

This Hotel Management System is a software-based system that is made of VB.NET, MySQL Database, and Bunifu Framework to make the design animated. The main goal of the system is to help properly manage the hotel operations and functions to optimize them for greater stability and more profit.

Bakeshop Inventory System in VB.Net and MS Access Database

The Bakeshop Inventory System is a software-based system specially designed for a Bakeshop business and for the inventory process. This system will be able to track the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly inventory of products.

Curriculum Evaluation System using VB.NET

This VB.NET and MySQL Database Project is entitled Curriculum Evaluation System. It is a user-friendly system that aims to help the school staff or admin reduce their time in evaluating a student

Drug Store's Sales and Inventory Management System using VB.NET

This is a software-based program called Drug Store's Sales and Inventory Management System. This project was developed using VB.NET and MS Access Database. This is a simple sales and inventory system that can help certain drug stores or Pharmacies to manage their Medicinal Drugs stocks and also their Sales Transaction

Leave Monitoring System in VB.Net and Bunifu Frameworks

Leave Monitoring System is a software-based system that is made of VB.NET, MySQL database, and Bunifu Frameworks to make the user interface flat-based and animated. The main goal is to manage all employee information in just a breeze. This system provides transparency and increases employee satisfaction.

Library Management System in VB.Net, MySQL Database, and Bunifu Framework

This Library Management System is a software-based system that is made of VB.Net, MySQL database, and Bunifu Framework that helps the design more elegant for the user interface. The main goal of this system is to increase your library’s efficiency and save a lot of time for both librarians and users. The functions are very user-friendly that whenever the user uses this system, it helps the user find resources for reading, learning, and teaching with ease.

Salary Management System using VB.NET and MS SQL Server

This project is based on the concept of the account. This project is a Salary Management System which is a Database system that can be used for managing employee Salary Details. It is a multi-user system and can be used by hundreds of users at the same time.




Billing System Project in PHP

Many students were asking me to provide free source code of a simple inventory system using PHP/MySQL tutorial. So, I come with this PHP billing system free download. Invoicing and billing applications for different business purposes helps mainly the service providers and freelancers to manage, send professional invoices online, and track their status. Generally, all the small companies in various countries facing various issues for managing and tracking the invoice status of customers, which mostly back to the lack of adopting new technology in these companies.

Courier Management System using PHP/MySQLi

The Courier Management System is a simple PHP/MySQLi project that helps a courier company or businesses manage their customers' parcels or packages details. The system stores all the branches or the company that can be also used when setting a destination where the recipient will pick up their packages or parcels. The system has a tracking feature where can help to monitor the movement of the customer's parcel. The system has 2 types of users which are the Admin user and the Branch Staff user.

Web-based Inventory Management System in PHP/MySQLi

The Inventory Management System in PHP/MySQLi contains two sections; the admin section and the user section. Here, the admin plays a vital role in all of the management of the Inventory Management System in PHP/MySQLi. It has the ability to manage features such as editing and updating the content of the website, managing orders, managing products, managing, categories, managing brands, and managing all of the employees of the company.

Online Flight Booking System using PHP/MySQL

The Online Flight Booking System is a project that will help the airline ticket booking business provides its clients with an easy way and automated processing system online. This project has 2 sides of the user's restriction, which are the admin and the client/website visitor.

Human Resource Information System Using PHP

This project is entitled Human Resource Information System and was developed using PHP. This web application is a great help for our own company and can track each employee what time, the date he can be assigned to different branches and I know what branch he used to be and so on.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System in PHP

This is a simple PHP Project entitled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. This system provides a certain company an online platform to manage interactions with their customers or potential customers. The system allows the customer/potential customers to request a quotation for the services they selected in the system. The system also has a ticketing feature which is mainly built to address the concerns of their customers.

Project Expense Monitoring System Project in PHP

This Project expense Monitoring System project is designed to monitor the company expenses. With this project, the company will no longer find it difficult to encode the daily expenses by the project. This system can really help those Construction companies monitor their daily expenses and consolidate them on a real-time basis.

Hotel and Lodge Management System using PHP

The Hotel and Lodge Booking Management System is a software web application. Presently this web application will offer Dashboard, Customer Details, Room Details, Currency Details, Room Booking Details, Tax Details, Reports, Setting. So for all types of hotels and Lodge Business owners can use this system. Apart from this in each section, proper reports are provided to know Customer Report, Booking Report, Payment Reports, etc.

Game Result Matrix System using PHP

This system mainly generates reports of the specific event/tournament result. The system was built to store and generate the tournament/events Game Results of the annual multi-sport event for young athletes such as the School Intramurals, District Meet, Area Meet, National Games, and many more. This system generates game results reports such as Medalist, Qualifiers, and Official Results.




Point of Sale (POS) in C# and SQL Server Integrated with Bunifu Frameworks

If you are looking for a Point of Sale for your small business, this one is just right for you. It is very important to have a Point of Sale system for a retail store because it ensures that you can track your sales and makes sure that your store operations run smoothly. By using this system, you will be able to save a lot of time and allows your business to boost its service quality.

Enrollment System in C# and MySQL Database

If you are looking for an Automated Enrollment System, well this one is just right for you. This Enrollment System has the capability of reducing the time and effort in the entire enrollment process. Mean to say, this can solve the school’s lack of manpower and time-consuming system. With the help of this system, you can also eliminate unnecessary paperwork, this has brought a new level of enrollment transaction because it is quick and automated.

Payroll System Using C# And MySQL Database

This Payroll System Project is a software-based system that is designed in a flat-based desktop application. This system can handle tasks such as managing the employees’ information and their corresponding payroll every week and month. This is a user-friendly system that the user can easily determine what they are going to do.

Modern Employee Management Software Using and Bunifu Framework

The main goal of this Modern Employee Management Software is to simplify the process of record maintenance of employees and help manage properly the records of every employee in a company. This is a user-friendly system that functions such as tracking employee data, uploading pdf files to an employee and many more can just learn in no time. In that way, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort.




Student Record Information System using Python

The Student Record Information System was created in a console application, the user can access the system by entering user login information. The user can do many things in the system, he/she can add new student record and display student list. This system can provide you a simple function that can enable you to handle and mange the record of all student within the class. This will efficiently and effectively fasten your working process.

Inventory Management System using Python

The Inventory Management System was created in a console application, the user can openly-accessed the system without inputting any login information. The user can do many things in the system, he/she can add new inventory, update current stocks, and generate a full inventory list report. This can system can help you when you want to store some important data that has more quantity value. The Inventory Management System was developed using simple python coding techniques that can help beginners to understand the flow of the system functions.

Billing System using Python

The Billing System was created in a simple windowed console application, the user openly accesses the features of the system without using user login information. The user can enter the customer's name first in order to purchase an item. After entering the name customer must select an item in the menu option to proceed. This system is very helpful to a person who has an enterprise business this will eventually make your transaction faster and effective. The Billing System was made in a simple python coding structure so programmers can understand the flow of it.

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