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How do I start programming

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Well it was lang time ago.. 80?
Yes, I start with Basic on Eagle comp. It was fun, I was kid and rock&roll was in my head.
Now, thins are more complex, or just let say, simplier. Why?
Because, you a lot of tool that you can create enything you want, and now will come 5G and speed is all we need in time like this, covid.
Alt Text
Lets back to work!
First, but not least, coffe and green tea.
For brain, latter I will explain.
Second, I work on windows, mac os, mint, raspberry PI
Matrix? 0101010001
ok, we can simple this life from big bang in matrix binary code, and thats supposed everything is predictable? ok, lets dont


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It really depends. Are you looking to do website development, or do something with video games, perhaps just doing scripts on your computer to learn how it all works? A lot of people suggest learning Python as your first language, but I would recommend JavaScript. You can use it in web development as well as using it locally on your computer to do things like solve math problems, maybe even build a pseudo artificial intelligence. It's really up to you. Google is your best friend, and, well, dev.to as well! Happy Coding!