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DynamoDB transactions

You have an idea and you want to try it out?
Nice, package the code and push it to your favorite cloud provider and you are application will be instantly available to thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of customers.

Awww, it such a great time to be a developer.

From now, it is even better indeed AWS just announced Dynamo DB transactions at Re:invent!

Why does it matter?


It enables atomic operations on multiple items, such that either all occur, or nothing occurs.


What it is called Isolation from database people, it is called consistency from distributed systems people. So in this context the words are interchangeable.
Dynamo transactions provides sequential consistency by rejecting a transaction when an item is modified outside of a transaction.

Check out my old article about consistency models to know more about the implication of sequential consistency


  1. Aws Blog post about Dynamo Transactions
  2. Follow the full list of AWS announcements during Re:invent

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Jorge Alvarez

Congratulations Nicola!

I think Amazon is doing a very good job with all the serverless features.

I've never used DynamoDB and now I'm using it with AppSync and I'm delighted.

Transactions open the door to many interesting use cases.