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Ignore headers of csv files with papaparse

I have a csv file that I need to parse and store in a database. I use sequelize for this

Here is how I defined the model of my table in sequelize :

    const Person= sequelize.define(
        id: {
          type: DataTypes.UUID,
          primaryKey: true,
          defaultValue: uuidv4(),
          allowNull: false
        name: {
          type: DataTypes.STRING,
        age: {
          type: DataTypes.INTEGER,
        }, {
            createdAt: false,
            updatedAt: false,        
            tableName: 'person'
    return Person
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then I have a csv file "test.csv":

he ,dd
liza, 23
sarah, 22
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basically I can't change the headers in my csv file and I have to keep the same structure defined in the db, I use papaparse to parse this file :

        const papa = require('papaparse');
        const fs = require('fs')

        const file = fs.createReadStream(__basedir + "/test.csv");

        papa.parse(file, {
          header: true,
          step: async function(results, parser) {
            console.log("Row data:",;
              await Person.create(


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in output I get the following error :

SequelizeUniqueConstraintError: Validation error
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the name, surname and age fields are null in the database

I am looking for a solution to ignore the headers of the csv file, how can I do that?

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try setting header: false while parsing.