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React vs Angular: Which one should you use in 2020

In this post we are going to compare React and Angular and try to find out which one should you use in 2020 in terms of performance, rendering, state management, jobs and many more. React vs Angular comparison is something that all developers want to see.

React vs Angular

1. Overview

React is a simple JavaScript based UI library which is managed by the Facebook and community of developers. React was first introduced in the 2013.

On the other hand Angular is an Open source framework for web and mobile development. Unlike React, It is based on the TypeScript and managed by Google Team. Angular was introduced in 2010.

2. Development platform

React is mainly used for web development and for the mobile development we need to use additional framework i.e React-Native.

On other hand Angular is also mainly used for web development and for the mobile development it needs an additional framework i.e Native-Script.

3. Area Covered

If we want to use some extra functionality for example Routing we need to use some additional packages for that i.e React Router in case of React.

But in case of Angular most of the required functionality comes out of the box from Angular.

4. Learning Efforts

React is super easy to learn because you only need to learn few basic concepts in React i.e state, props, component, hooks. Its related with the JavaScript so you also not need to worry if you have learned JS already.

With the Angular the learning efforts put by a new developer is definitely gonna more according to most of the developers experience because of there huge framework, TypeScript and Component Managment.

5. Performance

React’s performance is greatly improved with the introduction of the virtual DOM. Since all virtual DOM trees are lightweight and built on server, the load on browser is reduced.

Performance of an Angular app is most of the times is pretty less with comparison to React. But with the latest updates in Angular the performance is started increasing but it’s still hard to surpass React.

6. Jobs

Above image is taken on 10–04–2020. As you can see the market share of jobs is almost similar for both Angular and React. But Angular is old so there is chances of Angular Jobs are little bit high. But i will personally prefer to use React.

I hope you have likes the comparison of React vs Angular.

React Ref

Angular Ref

Top comments (5)

cottagegrove profile image
Rafae Ashraf

In the corporate world you gotta do Angular where modules and imports need to be structured. If you're looking to build something quickly, React is the way to go. But React Router is a bit of a headache and wrapping your head around other frameworks that you need to incorporate is a bit tricky, namely Redux, React-Redux. Documentation is garbo too

nathandaly profile image
Nathan Daly • Edited

Seeing a lot more professional React roles with Vue.js growing in popularity.

Angular's eratic versioning probably sealed it's fate as the market leader when it went from 2-4 (skipping 3). I actually like Angular but not sure about how it will fair in 2020/2021 (Maybe AngularDart will change that as the two together are awesome) but due to React regularly making big changes I would probably go down the Vue route if you want to get something off the ground fairy rapidly.

irsooti profile image

Hi, nice overview!

I would add just something about the topic:

You talk about React like is a super simple library easy to use. Actually React has a lot of tricky parts, expecially if you come from another paradigm like the framework you mentioned, Angular.
It's relatively easy if you have a good enough base of javascript, otherwise it's really confusing for newbies.
React itself isn't a framework and you are free to do what you want but soon or erlier, you will noticed you installed: axios, redux, react-router-dom. De-facto what you have done is composed a framework with your libraries and your rules, if your rules sucks the development will sucks too.

upieez profile image
Samuel Huang

Choose one that has the most demand in your area! Unless of course you're just doing this as a hobby...

narendersaini32 profile image
Narender Saini

I also agree. I have created a package based on context