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I made tool for taking notes fast on the command line.

Hello I'm nasa. I think that you can understand by looking at the title,I made a memo tool.

I usually write notes on the command line. However, I noticed that management of memos is troublesome as it is.
So I decided to create a tool that makes it easy to manage memos.

The source code is here.



On macOS

In order to publish to the official of homebrew I have to collect 50 stars.(Give me star)

brew tap k-nasa/homebrew-rmemo
brew install rmemo

From source

cargo install rmemo

Usage example

Create new note

$rmemo new

If you have set up a template, create a note based on it

$rmemo new -t

Deletes the note of the file name matching the argument pattern

rmemo delete hoge
Will delete those entry. Are you sure?
Are you sure?(y/n) :

If you want to write down ideas right now you can use quick command

$rmemo quick idea
$rmemo list
│  hoge
│  └──
│  test
│  └──


memos_dir = "/Users/asan/.config/rmemo/memos"  # Directory where note is stored
editor = "nvim"                                # The editor you want to use. I recommend nvim for no particular reason
selector = "fzf"                               # Selector you want to use. Please choose your favorite one
grep_command = "grep"                          # Set your favorite grep
template_file_path = ""                        # Set the template you want to use
enter_time_in_filename = true                  # Set it to false if timestamp is not required for file name

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A little bit of a demo or example of how you use it would be really helpful! (Both here and especially in your repository)

antonrich profile image

Use to make a demo out of a recording of a terminal session.