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Learn how to promote your website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nat Miletic
Owner of Clio Websites. Interested in WordPress, webdev, and SEO.
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“If you build it, they will come” - Field of Dreams

You can build a great website but that won’t guarantee that your visitors will find it easily. One of the ways to promote your website is by employing good search engine optimization practices.

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a process of improving the quality and performance of your website in order to make it more search engine friendly. SEO is different from search engine marketing (or SEM) which is largely focused on paid marketing (think Google Ads).

SEO is a large and complex topic with many subspecialties, techniques, and strategies. In order to get started learning about SEO, check out these free resources:

The best way to learn after you have covered the basics from the resources above, is by doing a SEO project. For example, do you have a client who is interested in SEO services? Start by trying to rank their website. Or, if you have a portfolio website, try to rank your own website on Google.

You can utilize these free tools to help you on your SEO journey:

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google My Business
Google Ads KW Planner
Structured Data Testing Tool
Rank Math
Keyword Hero
Answer The Public

If you want to learn more about web development or SEO, visit Clio Websites or follow me on Twitter. Happy learning!

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Discussion (9)

crlinaager profile image
crlinaager • Edited

In my opinion, there are no specific values for SEO. The most important for this system is from promoting your website on the first pages of the serving systems like Bing and Google. In my opinion, a good-looking web design is more important. A good web design can improve your selling business sales and increase the number of users. A pleasurable to use the website will make the customer stay longer on your website and the chance that he will buy something is higher. When I was making my online shop a group of website designers from Newcastle helped me to do the web design.

andiduferense profile image

Thanks for the information

andiduferense profile image

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telecomunicorn profile image

Awesome discussion, Nat. Glad I stumbled across this post. I work heavily with SEO, so it's always cool to see what others are recommending. So much changes all the time with SEO so seeing some new tools on your list is great. I am always down for more learning.

natmiletic profile image
Nat Miletic Author

The industry is always changing you are correct! Luckily there are so many great resources to learn from.

I am glad that you found my article useful. Thank you!

denicmarko profile image
Marko Denic

Great resources Nat. Thanks for sharing.

Which tools would you recommend for someone who is totally new in this field?

natmiletic profile image
Nat Miletic Author

Hi Marko! Thank you for your feedback.

My all-time favorite tools are the free versions of semrush and ahrefs. Both are awesome for anyone new wanting to get started and learn about SEO.

My favorite blog is backlinko. Definitely worth a bookmark

natmiletic profile image
Nat Miletic Author

You are welcome!

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