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Copy Paste Select All Made Easy by Bind it to F function Keys F1 F2 F3

If your job made your pinky finger sore and hurt by copy pasting everyday, I have good news for you 😏

I want to share you about simpler way to copy paste by bind Copy (Ctrl+C) Paste (Ctrl+V) and Select All (Ctrl+A) function with F function like F1, F2 or F3

Install Auto Hotkey

First you have to do is install Auto Hotkey software (Only works with Windows OS), and then after installation completed, follow this steps :

Right click on your File Explorer and Create AutoHotkey Script

New file

New file New AutoHotkey Script.ahk was created -> right click on that file -> select Edit Script.

Copy paste this script to your text editor (notepad), and save it! :

F1::Send, ^c
F2::Send, ^v
F3::Send, ^a
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Run the script by right click on New AutoHotkey Script.ahk, choose Run Script

This indicates auto-hotkey script is running on background

Try to Copy (Ctrl+C) with F1, Paste (Ctrl+V) with F2, and Select All (Ctrl+A) with F3

You can pause the copy-paste auto-hotkey script by Right Click on background minimized icon and select "Pause Script"

Done !

Copy and Paste made easy by compiling it to .exe

If you want to compile New AutoHotkey Script.ahk to an .exe :

Right click on New AutoHotkey Script.ahk and select "Compile Script (GUI)", and then

New windows pop-up "Script to EXE Converter" :

Ahk2Exe for AutoHotkey

Choose destination (.exe file), and you can select custom custom icon by click Browse button and click > Convert < to start convert it!

Copy Paste Enjoyer

Done ! Now you can enjoy copy-pasting-select all by F1 F2 F3 😎

Thanks for reading !

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