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Minor and major project ideas for cse students.

This blog is written in order to discuss some minor and major project ideas for cse students.

mostly students make their projects either in software development or AI (machine learning).

Their are mainly two types of software.

  • System software.
  • Application software.

System softwares are consist of.

  1. Operating system. operating system project ideas
  2. Device drivers. device drivers project ideas
  3. firmware. firmware project ideas
  4. utility software. utility software project ideas

Application software development can be implement in four ways.

  1. CLI(command line interface) cli project ideas
  2. Desktop application with graphic user interface(GUI). gui project ideas
  3. web application web application project ideas
  4. mobile application mobile application project ideas

machine learning algorithms are categorised in to four types.

  1. Supervised learning.
  2. Un-supervised learning.
  3. Semi-supervised learning.
  4. Reinforcement learning.

Machine learning project ideas

unorthodox project ideas.

  1. chrome extensions using javascript (simple and cool). chrome extension project ideas
  2. your own framework like django in python, laravel in PHP. (make a simple one later you can add more features.) frameworl project ideas
  3. make your own markup language using XML. markup project ideas
  4. Blockchain applications. blockchain project ideas

you can copy any project available on internet but the main motive here is to understand how it works and after that add your features so that you can explain what you have learn during this process.

Any type of correction or suggestion will be appreciated.
share your views in comment sections.

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Thanks for the great post you posted. I like the way you describe the unique content. The points you raise are valid and reasonable. If any of the final year students are looking for the major projects for ece in embedded systems.

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Ole Petersen

In case this still is relevant: I am building a platform for project ideas, currently it's mostly my own ideas, but feel free to serve yourself or to contribute your own project ideas!
You can get in touch with me if you want to join our development team, too!

rehana95559 profile image

Please share some examples in each category

nausher_ali profile image
Nausher Ali

Thanks for your suggestion.