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Nayaab Khan
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Add Command Palette (CMD+P) To Any App!


Use Raycast's “Search Menu Items” from any app and get a command palette.

If you love Alfred or can‘t switch, you can use a workflow like BenziAhamed/Menu-Bar-Search to do the same.

Command palettes from Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code are awesome. They give quick access to commands with fuzzy search. It sucks when apps don’t have it.

Recently, I switched to Raycast which is a great alternative to the fantastic app that Alfred is.

It has a fantastic command called “Search Menu Items”. It gives me a searchable list of commands with their shortcuts keys. For example, this is what it gives me on iTerm:

Raycast's “Search Menu Items” when run from iTerm with a search for “split” showing results to split panes with shortcuts keys


I've set up a hotkey to quick access the commands as well. This saves me a few keystrokes.

Raycast's settings where you can set a hotkey to quickly access its commands

Bonus, one less app

It has also replaced Cheatsheet for me.

Cheatsheet displays all the commands in one window but it is not searchable

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