How do you contribute to opensource on GitHub ?

nazimboudeffa profile image Nazim Boudeffa ・1 min read

This is my third post and I want to thank you all for the motivational discussions we are haveing here in dev.to

"How do you commit" was just an amazing post for ma that have let me know how everyone is using git in GitHub, so now it's time to go ahead

In fact, I like to discuss on slack and discord in some projects like phaserjs or atom and as I have discovered gitkraken it is a chance to just watch the devs and continue until I find a way to write an article on a general method to contribute to opensource on GitHub

What I can say for the moment is that watching the commits on gitkraken is really cool because we have a general view of what is going on every time a commit is made

It is about to FORK and PR not just to CLONE

In the image bellow I have just cloned from the origin to a folder in a second drive, that I have just called GitHub and I don't touch the code, just watching the commits

To contribute I have to FORK and CLONE then PR, and before that I have to play a bit with the code, so, How do you contribute to opensource on GitHub ?

PhaserJS commits in Gitkraken by direct cloning


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