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Ned Ludds
Ned Ludds

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Is this the reason why your documentation failed?

watch a short documentary explaining how Babel has been ruining the web for the past 2 years. Sorry I won’t be able to answer in comments because I’m going to be suspended for speaking up for JavaScript by the rulers of this world who ban all free speech that doesn’t fit their beautiful world view. Please learn to take responsibility by restricting free speech you’re embarking on the path to fascism. Gl hf if there’s any sane persons left in the world add me on Keybase nedludd

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ecyrbe • Edited

Everybody can have different opinions about technology.
But you are fighting the wrong war in my opinion. And you are also fighting it with the wrong messages.
First, Babel is just a transpiler, maintained by some people that may or may not being paid for it, depending on the time investment they put on it, nothing shocking about that. Babel funding is just about 120K$/year. Showing theses numbers on the video and saying that these people that quit their job to work full time on babel don't deserve it, is rude at best.

Second, you filled a bug, with a really bad attitude. The maintainer was right to show you the code of conduct of the project. I find it immature to write a bug report the way you did and hoping it will be well received on the other side.

Now for the technical part, Babel is a useful tool, for :

  • People that are still stuck with IE on enterprise world. Not everybody is using bleeding edge browsers, but tpeople that still want to use Modern web stacks.
  • People that are stuck with old version of Node.js.
  • People that simply want to transpile ES6 to ES5 to make a library that is sharable over npm.

And the list can go on. There are good reasons to use Babel as there might also be good reasons to not want to use it. Like there are also good reasons companies want to use Typescript.

Now on the part about bugs not being fixed. Every software have bugs, it's not because you think a bug should be prioritised higher that it should. There might be a ton of other bugs more critical from the team point of view. And if you think a bug is so critical for your use case, why not try to propose a patch? you know, it's open source.

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Kostia Palchyk

Hurray, a scandal! 🙌

Idk who's going to ban you, but... I see that you've suffered with that 🙂

Documentation and it's disruption is an important question. Have you found a workaround for that with babel? Without it?

What are the benefits of using babel at all?

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Richard Schloss

I applaud your free speech! I hope to hear more of it! I'm always open to hearing someone's perspective because it's how I learn.