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Milad Nekofar
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RealTime Perform and busking in Europe

I'm a Software Developer, and my friend, who is a Performer, has been started working on a startup last year (RealTime Perform). This startup is about providing services to the buskers (street performers).

There is no law against busking in Iran, but the Islamic rulers in Iran disagree with it like many other things.

In the recent past months, aggression is increased. They capture buskers, or if they were lucky, just their instruments.

Long story short, our startup is in an early stage, but for the reasons, I said and more, we decide to move to another country, perhaps a Europe one. We are currently negotiating with some accelerators in Europe, and we have been welcomed.

But we need to refine our business model and product before we take any further action and find out more about infrastructure and busking in Europe.

The problem is that we do not have many resources; traveling to Europe is not an easy task for Iranian citizens. Visa issuance can take months.

Unfortunately, most buskers aren't the ones who can access them online easily.
Fortunately, through Instagram and Facebook, we able to connect some of the buskers in Europe and get some information about them and their concerns.

But my ultimate goal in opening this discussion was to ask if you can help us with find and get access to communities of these people. Or even help us to access more information.

We appreciate all your help.

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