re: What's the best way to indicate an issue is good for beginners to try? VIEW POST


I think a good thing to do for "good first issue" would be to comment where in the codebase to look to find the code that could fix but mention that you can't work on it right now and would love for someone new to pick it up.

I don't always get stuck on the "how" of fixing a new issue but I do get stuck up on "where".


I agree, but are the "good first issue" labeled stuff good for people newer to the project or newer to coding or the technology involved?

I feel like some things are good first issues for folks with less project context, but might not be good for newer developers.


Why not add an additional tag "good for new developers" as well? That way both first-time devs and new devs can take it.


contributing to open source is great, but are people who are new to programming as a whole really the target audience of "good first issue"? I've just never seen it spun that way.

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