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Meghan (she/her)
Meghan (she/her)

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[Entry] Button Push

What I built

I built a small app/game called "Button Push". What Button Push is a collaborative clicking race. The game itself is a big button with a counter with the objective to be the user to make the counter reach 100. The catch being, using Pusher, every user playing the game is racing on the same button! And you're also not allowed to press the button twice in a row.

Demo Link

Play it now! ~~

Link to Code

The front-end is on GitHub! ~~

How I built it

  • The front-end for the app is hosted on my personal website which is hosted on Netlify as pushed from a public GitHub repository.
  • The back-end is run through which is where I own the domain through.
  • The game is built using Vanilla JS and PHP

Additional Resources/Info

  • Pusher was extremely easy to set up and I already have ideas on how I want to integrate them into other projects of mine!
  • @zmarkan was a pleasure to speak to and answered the few questions I had and was an overall big help
  • Thanks DEV for putting this contest on!
  • Comments and criticism welcome :D

Top comments (3)

seniorjoinu profile image

I can reload a page and click the button again. Is it ok?

nektro profile image
Meghan (she/her)

Right now, it doesn’t use any verification other than the session ID. So refreshing the page resets the websocket connection giving you a new ID

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Ben Halpern

This is a super fun concept. Already giving me more ideas. 😄