Your tips for promoting open-source projects?

nemecek_f profile image Filip Němeček ・1 min read

Hello all!

So I have a few open-source project available on GitHub which I think could really help folks doing iOS development but they don't seem to get much traction :(

I tried posting to some Slack groups and on Twitter but that did not help much. My most popular one has four stars..

Anyone willing to share tips to get this kind of project more noticed? :-)


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I am too struggling to get opensource developers for my project. However what I did:

  1. Share about it on GitHub open source respository. 2.My all articles on dev.to mention this request to join github.com/Manishfoodtechs/OSINTHRH.
  2. Twitter and social media.
  3. just seen an advert. of openteams.com on a webpage.