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Since it's Friday again

A lot of people are waiting eagerly for Friday and why not?
It's that part of the week where we get into groove and celebrate our life.
But...and a big but,it's again the time for picking up your side project that you started 2 weeks ago and hope to finish within one weekend.
Enough of blabbering,this being my first post on,I am going to make a statement here. This weekend,I will add Redux to my coding arsenal. What are you guys gonna do? Would love to know about your weekend. Everyone is welcome to share.
With Love,From India.

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Dan Silcox

It’s like looking into the future! Still only Thursday here in UK :) this weekend I am going to see if I can knock up my first desktop app with Angular/Electron.

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That's wow for me. Electron is on my checklist for so long.Not touching it till I win over web apps though. May be some other Fri-Yay.