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“In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny.”
Linus Torvalds

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------- xs:code – Redis Labs collaboration -------

We believe that keeping a sustainable open source ecosystem, means getting open source developers the resources they need to continue developing the amazing free software we all use.

At xs:code, we’ve made it our mission to connect open source developers with the software companies that use their projects. With more and more companies using xs:code to find paid solutions, support and licensing for the open source components they use – we aim to help as many open source developers discover the potential of offering paid products and services on top of their free code, and turn their open source projects into steady sources of revenue.

This is why we’ve collaborated with Redis Labs to offer open source developers a unique opportunity to kick-start the monetization of their projects, and start offering paid items with their Redis-related open source repositories.

We’re happy to announce a $15,000 fund that is dedicated solely to open source developers working on Redis related projects. If you are developing a Redis related open source project and you want to start monetizing it, you’re automatically entitled to participate in our grant plan, where we match the revenue your project generates on xs:code. For every dollar you make – we’ll pay you a dollar. No need to apply or qualify – just develop an open source project that is Redis-related and monetize it with xs:code.

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Eldad A. Fux

Great initiative, keep up the good work! The open-source community is striving for solutions like this.

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Netanel Mohoni Author