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Debouncing for beginners by a beginner

I am a beginner and I recently learned debouncing and throttling ,their usage and differences.


Debouncing is a procedure in JavaScript(and possibly other programming languages) which helps us to reduce the number of function calls in response to an event.
For understanding and simplicity sake let us suppose we need to make API calls for "keyup" events on an input element.

function makeAPICall() {
   //Making API Call

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If we use the above method and suppose I typed "Hritick" in 1 go in the input element a total of 7 API calls will be made (for each character typed) but most probably the application should only make the API call for "Hritick" or "Hrit" but we made an API call for each new character inserted which is very expensive.
So to solve this problem we can use Debouncing - by using debouncing we will make the API call only if the event (triggering the API call) hasn't taken place for a given iterval of time.

function makeAPICall() {
   //Making API Call

function debounce(fn, delay) {
  let timer;
  return function () {
    timer = setTimeout(fn, delay);

const optimisedFunction = debounce(makeAPICall, 500);

document.querySelector("input").addEventListener("keyup", optimisedFunction);
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In the above code we created an "optimisedFunction" for debouncing. Instead of directly making API calls on every "keyup" event we will make the API call 500 milliseconds after every "keyup" event and by using the concept of closures we will cancel every request for API call before the current "keyup" event by using clearTimeout(...).
Thus making the API call only when the user has stopped typing or have slowed down typing.
As the title said I am a beginner so if I made any mistakes or anyone has any question please comment me. And I'll make sure I correct or answer the comment.

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