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Pixie is now open source

Pixie is amazing

Since its launch we’ve seen tremendous enthusiasm for Pixie’s vision of toil-free cloud observability.

Pixie runs entirely inside your Kubernetes clusters without storing any customer data outside. Avoid trading-off depth of visibility due to the hassle and cost of trucking petabytes of telemetry off-cluster.

Pixie is now open source

New Relic has open sourced Pixie, and we are in the process of contributing it to CNCF under an Apache 2.0 license. When we acquired Pixie Labs in December 2020, we were enthralled by the instant visibility this platform delivers for cloud native applications without any code changes.

In 2008, New Relic was the first SaaS company that enabled engineers to instantly monitor their Ruby applications. It was a magical moment, and today Pixie redelivers this experience. With one command, you can light up your entire cloud environment and get telemetry immediately. We believe all developers should get access to this phenomenal developer experience that reduces friction to observability and saves valuable time that you can use for developing better software. To make that happen, we are also devoting a majority of Pixie’s engineering resources to this open source project.

Our commitment to open source and CNCF extends beyond our platinum membership, governing board seat, and Pixie contribution. All our instrumentation agents, integrations, and SDKs are available in open source, giving developers access to our turnkey instrumentation so they can customize to their needs. OpenTelemetry is the instrumentation standard going forward in New Relic. To make it easy to adopt this open standard of instrumentation, we are providing a native OpenTelemetry protocol endpoint to ingest data and curated, first-class out-of-the-box user experiences that simplify analysis and troubleshooting. New Relic is also a founding member of Eclipse Adoptium, a leading provider of fully compatible, high-quality distributions of Java runtimes based on OpenJDK source codes.

Pixie on AWS

We are on a mission to make observability part of every developer’s workflow and we can’t do that alone. Last fall, we announced a strategic collaboration agreement with AWS to accelerate innovation and cloud migration for our shared customers. We are excited to extend our collaboration with AWS on Pixie, to provide Pixie Open Source on AWS Cloud. Get started today with Pixie on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

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