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5 iOS 12 bugs that are the bane of the life of the Apple users!

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iOS 12 is the latest buzzword in the world of Apple. The new operating system is known to be the most stunning till date. Not only has it improved the performance of the iPhones, but it has added a lot of features to the phones as well. This feature-rich edition of the OS is known to bring several interesting features to the phone. It all seems to be beneficial in terms of the new update, but are there any chinks in the armor?

Yes, indeed. There are a plenty of benefits of updating the phone to iOS 12. Therefore, more than 50% of users have already started using iOS 12. But, at the same time, there are some bugs which might hinder the performance of the user as well. Though iOS 12 seems to be a very promising OS and there was a lot of buzz surrounding its inception as well, but now, Apple users are all the more excited to use it when it is finally out. However, some of the irksome issues in iOS 12 are making it difficult for the users to enjoy the update to the fullest. Expert iPhone App Developers India listed below are some of the most troublesome bugs:

1. Problem with the colors
Some of the Apple users have reported that after upgrading iPhone X to iOS 12, the colors looked faded. Though, people think that probably because Apple has tweaked the display profile (iPhone X’s OLED screen) this has happened. However, the real reasons behind this issue have not been found yet. Though, some relate it to Apple’s move to enhance the text legibility on wallpapers and a darker shade for folders. But, being one of the top favorite feature of the users, OLED Screen, users definitely want Apple to fix this issue as soon as possible.

2. Internet issues on iPhone 8
There have been reports of a potential mobile data issue in some of the iPhone 8 handsets after updating the phone to iOS 12. Some problems with the mobile data connectivity are troubling the users after they have installed the new edition. The main issue is that the phone will disconnect automatically from the mobile data, at least one time every day. The users have to manually connect again to use the internet services. However, some of the users have faced irksome network connectivity problems.

3. Problems with the Bluetooth
Did the Bluetooth icon disappear after updating your iPhone to iOS 12? Well, this is actually not a problem because Apple has purposely removed the icon from the status bar. However, some users are facing issues with the connection to Bluetooth. After switching to iOS 12, the iPad or iPhone users are unable to transfer stuff using Bluetooth connections.

4. Maps are not working appropriately
As ‘Map’ is one of the most useful features of the iPhone, therefore, it is utmost important to make sure that the maps are working absolutely fine. Traffic data is one of the most important parts of the maps. Therefore, maps need to present accurate traffic data to help the users reach their destinations. But, some of the iOS 12 users have seen issues with displaying traffic conditions. Just make sure that the Map settings are apt and you should be able to view the traffic.

5. Alarms aren't functioning
Alarms are used on a daily basis. How difficult it would be to wake up one day and realize that we are 2 hours late simply because the alarm was not working? Some of the iOS 12 users found it difficult to set alarms in their iPhones after they installed iOS 12. Though, people have tried to reboot the phone to make it work. But if it doesn’t work even after that, then you might have to look for a specific solution.

iOS 11 was launched with several bugs, we all know that, but people are thinking that whether iOS 12 has some bugs or not. There can’t be any comparison between the two, but it is believed that Apple wanted to improve the performance more through iOS 12. The focus was less on adding new features, though there are some noteworthy additions. Also, with the new addition, the phones seem to be much more stable. However, there are some bugs in iOS 12 which are still troubling the user. Though, Apple is trying its best to improve and rectify all the issues. And, it has already fixed some bugs with add-on versions of iOS 12 as well.

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