8 Projects with modern designs to become a Full-stack Master 2020

Thu Nghiem on September 02, 2020

Are you looking for projects to sharpen your skills? Are you stuck at coming up with new ideas? As developers, we love to code, but sometimes it's... [Read Full]
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Gotta tell you, I'm loving the idea behind devchallenges.io! Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much!!


Don't you think you should have add some projects with complex Database and Backend system? I don't say, list you have proposed is not good. I say, why don't you make such list where complex Data Structures will be needed and will need lots of efforts in developing algorithms.


yeah it might be a good idea in the future. I want to focus more on being a full-stack dev. There are few super complex challenge already. If I make it too difficult. Less people would attempt it


Why don't you make categories in your article i.e. Projects for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Developers? In that people will understand where to look at.


Never had a chance to say thank you for making this! I did a few of these challenges a couple months back and have been meaning to find time to take on the rest. Super cool you keep adding to this and for sure when I get some time I'll be taking these on!


Haha, I remember, I was about a month ago. I was having a lot of things going on, I didn't have much time to check it in detail.

Haha I have added many new features since last month, so check it out. I am not planning to stop btw :)


These are So nice. I'm.so excited about the unsplash project. Thanks Thu


You are welcome :)


This website is a great resource. I will be using it to improve my UI skills.


First time hearing about devchallenges.io! Loved it, thank you so much for the idea!


Hix I need to try harder to share this to everyone.. thank you so much btw, Don't hesitate to share it with your friend


You are putting a lot of effort into this, well done my friend!


OMG! Thank you so much, your post inspired me a lot


Awesome! Will try to do Thullo, always wanted to create a drag and drop functionality


Wow I wish the best luck and a lot of fun with it. :) It will be challenging but fun


This is what I've been searching for. Thank you so much!!


I just checked out the site and I’m definitely gonna give these challenges a go. The designs are clean as well. Awesome job


Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your solutions


Absolutely great work! Thank you πŸ‘


thank you!


I think I just found how to occupy my nights for the next 2-3 months.
Thank you!


haha welcome and stay longer if you wish :)


That is so cool, awesome website Thu, love to see sites like this for inspiration πŸ”₯


Thank you Chris


Awesome website, also designs are HQ


I really needed sth like that and thank you for sharing this


Your amaaazing! Thank you for this :D


This looks amazing! Will definitely give this a go once I finish FreeCodeCamp.


I don't understand the goal of making a free app, without any ressources given (instead of assets) ?


I don't understand your question. What do you mean?


I just shared your website to a friend who actually learning frontend dev, and he was a little bit confused since there is no advice, tutorial, etc... any way to learn!

But i just understand devchallenges is a dev gamification platform. No way to learn anything here ^^

Nice work and nice project, keep it up !

Oh as I am doing it alone, It's sometimes to hard to find time and motivation to create tutorials or write more blogs. I will definitely try my absolute best to explain more, share my experiences, write more blogs/tutorials... to my users/students. Devchallenges is only 2 months old, so if you can enjoy what it offers now, I am sure there will be way more things in the future :)


Great read. Thank you for this!


You are welcome


danm!! this is what I was looking for. Thanks, Thu Nghiem


danm!! you are welcomed


bai cua anh duoc dich, va dang la hot trend cua thang nay :D


Yeah minh biet, the author asked the permission :)


Oh this is a great blog! I'm thinking of doing the same thing :) !


what? 😱


Thanks for listing these. I want to switch to web from Windows app development. I believe this projects will make things easy.


Yeah I believe so too. Good luck and see you around at devchallenges


Oh! That’s tough!! Even the first one is challenging πŸ˜…


Haha! You can always visit devchallenges.io. There are 16 other challenges that are from simple to advanced

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