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Introducing the Fun Cloud Showcase #BlueCloudMirror

Blue Cloud Mirror is a game where players need to show five specific emotions and do five specific poses in two levels. The faster, the better.

Play the game. It only takes a minute. All you need is a webcam and a Chrome browser.

Get the code from GitHub.

Here are my results:


The game uses key technologies of the IBM Cloud and has three main parts:

  • Core game: Implemented as serverless web application and via Cloud Functions since it is not accessed 24x7
  • Users service: Implemented via IBM Cloud Private to avoid having the personal data in a public cloud
  • Scores service: Implemented via Cloud Foundry Enterprise Edition to demonstrate developer productivity

The following diagram shows the key components:


I’ve built Blue Cloud Mirror together with my colleagues Thomas Südbröcker and Harald Uebele. Check out our series of blog entries about it.

You can also run the application locally. The setup shouldn't take longer than five minutes:

$ npm install -g @vue/cli
$ git clone
$ cd blue-cloud-mirror/game
$ yarn install
$ yarn run serve

Try the Game!

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