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Learn to contribute to Open Source Software

I usually do MeetUps in Dublin live every month, but for obvious reasons, this can't be in person right now so I have decided to stream my 2-hour workshop on YouTube.

If you have been curious about open-sourced software but a little scared to make a start or not even know how to start, this session will cover everything you need to get started.

Learn how to contribute and hopefully make your first contributions to an open-source software project.

In this hands-on session, we will talk about what Open Sourced Software is and the usual workflow on getting started and making your first contributions.

We will go over:

  • Basic git commands
  • Forking repositories
  • Opening issues
  • Opening Pull Requests
  • Reviewing Pull Requests
  • Useful resources
  • Reviewing PR's live to our own sample project
  • Tshirt giveaway 👕

Hopefully will be useful to all levels, beginners are welcome 💜

The stream will be on 14th April at 6 PM Irish Time! (GMT+1)

Link here.

And for all future events join the MeetUp (I'll be streaming them live too from now on).

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