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Niall Maher
Niall Maher

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🤔 What are the best resources for starting an opensource project?

I'm trying to kick off a couple of projects in the Codú Discord but just want to make sure I have some community/OSS standards in place.

What's the place/resources you have found on starting an opensource software project?


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Alessandro Diaferia

I think is quite comprehensive

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Shannon Crabill

I second that as a resource for setting up a good, well documented open source project.

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Niall Maher

I actually looked at this before and it's awesome! I am obviously overthinking if I think I need more 😂

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Do you need any tool to find projects for reference?
If you want to know what's happening in the open source software world, this tool may help you:
For example, to get the most popular Web3 projects in 2022: