How do you deal with extreme burnout?

nickparsons profile image Nick Parsons ・1 min read

Working at a startup can be rough on your mind and body. Days of constant staring at the computer eventually take a toll – that constant feeling of tiredness, red itchy eyes, depression, etc.

I'm genuinely curious about what others do to avoid getting burnt out or how they overcome it. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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I know what you mean...
For me, on weekends or after work, doin' some activity like wakeboarding or kitesurfing with my team mates helps A LOT!
Basically, any kind of sports can help to remove a little of pressure.


For me the important part is to prevent it. I've never been able to overcome it, once I reach the burnout it always results on switching jobs.

  1. Don't be always working. 8h/day is enough. No overtime and no slack, email or github on my cell phone.
  2. Only spend time on side proyects when I have the strength to do so.
  3. Have fun and spend time with my loved ones.
  4. Get my health checked (bot body and mind)
  5. Last but not least, at work dare to challenge the things that burn me. Many can be changed.

I totally get this. I am currently CTO at a startup and work partime as well since the startup is still self-funded. How I cope with burnout is I try to take the little time offs away from my computer, no matter how little they get away from that computer and do some outdoor activity. Go to a park, see a movie, go on a date anything but the computer and don't think about it either.

I guarantee you will come back looking refreshed.


Just turn off the phone and shutdown the computer for 9-10 hours to rest. Easy, simple.


Two questions come to mind :

  1. Is the burnout just long working time, or is there some harassment involved ?
  2. How strong is your financial pressure ?

I saw this a while ago. I hope things are better now. Please reach out if not (email me) - I've been through burnout and it can help to talk to someone.