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Nick Parsons
Nick Parsons

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Stream Flutter: Building a Social Network with Flutter (Series)

In this post, we'll be creating a simple social network, called Stream Flutter, that allows a user to post messages to followers.

The app will allow a user to post a message to their followers and chat with them. Stream's Activity Feed API and Chat API combined with Google's Flutter makes it straightforward to build this sort of complex interaction. All source code for this application is available on GitHub. This application is fully functional on both iOS and Android.

For brevity, when we need to drop down to native code, we'll only focus on Android. You can find the corresponding iOS code to see how things are implemented.

Part 3 contains the final product. If you'd like to skip the tutorials and see the end result, please see the in the backend and frontend directories in the GitHub repo.

You can find each part of this series for the posts in the links below:

In addition to the tutorials above, Stream offers a comprehensive Flutter SDK Tutorial so you can see how to get up and running quickly with Flutter.

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