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Thanks for this beautiful post about the internals of
Are there any other blog posts like this ? to learn more about the infrastructure that you used and why ?
I'm pretty interested in the backend technology (i am more of Backend Dev)



This question has me thinking that we should make it easier to do sub-queries on users and tags because the answer is a big yes but it could be hard to find. Anyway, here are some key posts:

This is also going to be, more or less, the subject of my talk I'm preparing to give at CodeLand and then again elsewhere after that if all goes well. Making it into a good talk will really force me to center in on the core concepts we work with.


Thanks for the fast response :)

You could make a tag only for that i suppose.
If this tag is unique it would super easy to search. (Basically this is what i tried before asking you :) )

Somehow I never thought about getting this granular with tags, but that's a perfect scenario. Will definitely think about doing that and pushing that functionality.

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