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I first heard about Deno in his famous talk.

I'm a big fan of TypeScript as well, but from what I read previously, it won't play nice with anything node explicitly, correct? But I imagine there's nothing stopping you from importing JS as that is considered valid TS.

I'm definitely curious to see where Deno goes.


Yeah, you should be good to just import JS - it just won't be typed. The big problem with node integration is the lack of modules. I don't think you can load an NPM package into Deno easily.


unless you use unpkg with ?module, in which case it's wicked-easy.

I think you could also reference a TS file from a github repo that's a TypeScript project and it'd work too maybe? I'll have to install Deno and try it out.

Deno only loads code via ES import statements (no require) using URLs or relative file paths that include the file extension. Additionally, deno does not support index.ts or index.js. So generally no drag and drop compatibility with node (though here's an example of a module that supports both deno and node: Still, probably pretty easy to create a migration script to make a project Deno compatible.

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