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Some of these points have already been made, but this is what I look for in a home office:

  • Dedicated space, preferably a separate room. I currently have my office in the basement in a roughly 8' x 10' space.
  • Plants
  • A window, because it can get depressing when no natural light is coming in.
  • A decent desk. I'm guilty here. I have an IKEA long desk that I paid 64$ for. It's something I'm looking to upgrade next year. We have standing desks at work, so I will probably go with one as well for home (suggestions welcome 😉) UPDATE: I just got a standing desk setup.

My standing desk was delivered and I just got it all assembled this evening.

So I went with the black desktop. Really excited to start working on this badass piece of office furniture.

The big win of this is it’s a 1000$ CAD desk that was on sale for 439.99$ + tax and I had awards points from work for some cool stuff I’ve done over the past little while, so the grand total came to 27.94$.

  • A good chair. Mine is not bad. I can't remember the model, but I bought a Tempurpedic chair from Staples a couple of years ago. I believe this is the one, staples.ca/products/324599-en-temp.... I got it on sale at the time, so it looks like it's about 150$ more now.
  • A decent monitor. Mine is not bad. It's a BENQ 27" that is not 4K. I will probably upgrade that at some point.
  • Kungfu Hamster with optional mace. This is optional, but he makes for a great rubber duck when debugging 😉

Kungfu Hamster and Plants

Desk Setup


Disagree with you here, Nick. KungFu Hamster is absolutely not optional.


Dont forget good ventilation, nice odor. (Candles are welcome), and good light.


I like the tiger plants. The best things about them are that they don't require too much care and remove toxins (some of them) from the air. Aaand look great of course.

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