What are your favourite Alfred workflows?

Nick Taylor (he/him) on November 21, 2019

Alfred is such a great tool if you use a Mac. Wes Bos @wesbos ... [Read Full]
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I love Dash App with Alfred integration for looking up documentation fast like Sonic.

Toggle hidden files is a useful one.


Nice. I've used devdocs.io, but never really Dash. I'll check it out since it integrates with Alfred. Thanks for sharing!


Spotify Mini-player - Control spotify from Alfred
pwgen - Password generator
uuigden - Generator UUIDs when needed


Nice, thanks for the pointer to Spotify mini player.


I like the Alfred Spotify Mini Player a lot.

Another one I use frequently is Network Location, for switching between, well, network locations. I specifically set up different locations that only differ in DNS configuration, so it's easy to switch between Google, Cloudflare and my PiHole.

network locations in Alfred


sh for sci-hub
cheat sheet

Trying to make the following work:

Alfred 4


I didn't even know about alfred until now.
Been years since I've seen such tooling.


I use this IP Address workflow a lot. It shows your local and external IP.



Oh my poor English.

A Google Translate workflow is essential to me.

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