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2021 review and 2022 goals

Theoretically I should have done this last week, but making fireworks felt more timely.

2021 review

2021 was my year of really making effort to reach my goal. Which was to have an offer of a dev job by the end of the year - I didn't have to have started it, I just needed an offer. Which gave me a bit more time.

I also wanted to learn React. I'd bought a course in the Black Friday sale, but December was so crazy at work (I was working 11 hour days and still not getting everything done) so it was not the time to learn something new. January was spent recovering from December. From February I spent five months doing React every day. Until I went mad and dropped it to six days a week.

I learnt a lot of React in that time. And then stopped doing it for four months and consequently forgot all the advanced stuff I was just starting to get my head around.

I ended up starting a dev job in November! Which I will talk about once (if?) I've passed probation in February.

2022 goals

2021 was a hard year. Work was so busy (and had been since June 2020) with no let up, which was unusual. And I put a lot of pressure on myself to learn a lot of things and get a job. So this year I'm taking things easy and I have no set goals.

Outside of work I will probably do some coding, but it won't matter if I don't. Spending all my free time coding for a couple of years means I'd like to spend some of my free time doing other things. Things that I used to do with my free time that I've forgotten exist, never mind enjoy.

The coding things that I may do, but are not limited to are:

  • Using Advent of CSS and JS to try out new things. Things that are used a lot and/or loved a lot in the State of CSS and JS surveys are on my list. And Remix since everyone is talking about it.
  • Some more game tutorials with Lua and Love2D since I loved the one I did.
  • Trying out some more programming languages since it's nice to do something different.
  • Get involved in Open Source. I have some bookmarked that I use and use languages I know, so they would be fun to contribute to.
  • Do some more coaching at Codebar. I should be able to get some in this month as I'm not going out due to Covid worries (everything always happens on the same evenings).
  • Blog every week. I still have plenty of things I want to talk about.

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