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Nikolaos Dimopoulos
Nikolaos Dimopoulos

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ICYMI - GitHub Sponsors - Phalcon

Today we watched live GitHub Universe, GitHub’s main product conference of the year. GitHub Sponsors for Teams was announced and Phalcon is on it!

The event took place today around 9:00 PST. Devon Zuegel demonstrated the new GitHub Sponsors for Teams!

Wach Live Stream

Phalcon has been working with GitHub and entered the alpha version of this product. We are happy to announce that we have been accepted and now have a sponsor page on GitHub Sponsors!

You can click the Sponsor button at the top of any of our repositories, or simply visit the link to visit our sponsors page!

If you have already decided to sponsor us via Open Collective, the link will still be there. If you want to switch over to GitHub Sponsors, by all means you can do so!

Our GitHub Sponsors additionally has our vision with regards to funding and how we intend on spending those funds to better the framework.

PS: Sadly our logo was not featured in the presentation, oh well :)

Phalcon Team

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