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Best Podcasts for Web Developers in 2021

Keeping up with the changing pace of technology is part and parcel of being a web developer. Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay informed and give your eyes a break. Unless you are independently wealthy or a short sleeper, there aren’t enough hours in the day to listen to all of them. Here are the best podcasts for web developers in 2021. And by best I mean my favorite.

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Criteria for Best Podcast

  • High-production value: The audio is clear and equalized, and edited for 'easy listening'.

  • Focused: The hosts don't spend too much time chit-chatting and get right to it, prepared with hard-hitting questions to keep an interview moving.

  • Relevant: The topics are timely.

Note: This post is an update from my Best Podcasts for Web Developers in 2020.

Best Podcasts for Web Developers in 2020

If you only subscribe to one web development podcast, make it Syntax. The production value is high, the pace is on point, and the hosts Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, are charming. While it’s primarily focused on beginners, its coverage of emerging trends and technology will appeal to experienced developers, too. Scott and Wes use it as a platform to promote their courses, but they never sell too hard and their sponsorships are well-integrated into the show format.

🎙️ Syntax

🥇 Where to begin? Spooky Web Dev Stories - Part 1

Command_Line Heroes

Produced by RedHat and host Saron Yitbarek, Command Line Heroes explores the recent history of computer science. This is all the stuff I want to know, but can’t make myself sit down and read, so it’s great to get it in an engaing audio format. The production value is top-notch and each episode features interviews with luminaries in the field.

🎙️ Command Lines Heroes

🥇 Where to begin? Jerry Lawson: The Engineer Who Changed the Game

Should This Exist?

If you miss IRL, check out Should This Exist?. Hosted by Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake it investigates the effects of technology on our lives. The twist? It looks at those technologies before they reshape our lives.

🎙️ Should This Exist?

🥇 Where to begin? The Deepfake Detective

Chats with Kent

If I could be interviewed by anyone, my first choice would be Terry Gross. My second choice would be Kent C. Dodds. He really listens to his guests. He’s modest, deferential, and honest about his knowledge gaps but smart AF. Kent quietly launched the first season of Chats with Kent in August and quickly followed up with a second. Kent is a React developer, so much of the discussions are focused on that topic. But who isn’t, anymore?

🎙️ Chats with Kent

🥇 Where to begin? Alex Anderson Creates Web-Based Spaceship Controls


iteration is probably the most developer-specific podcast on this list. Each episode goes in-depth into how as well as the why a given technology exists and works.

🎙️ iteration

🥇 Where to begin? The Soft Skills Episode


The Ladybug podcast launched just over a year ago and in that time hosts Emma Bostian, Ali Spittel, Kelly Vaughn and now Sidney Buckner published 50+ episodes, covering a range of topics, from personal to professional development.

🎙️ Ladybug

🥇 Where to begin? Web Accessibility

DEV Discuss

The team at launched a podcast this year, aptly named DEV Discuss. The format of the show it two-fold: interviews with one or more guests on a theme followed by commentary from the DEV community. What? You're not part of the DEV community?

🎙️ DEV Discuss

🥇 Where to begin? Why Tech's Deadnaming Problem Matters

Front-end Happy Hour

Front-end Happy Hour follows a ‘‘roundtable’ format, composed of working professionals at top-tier organizations, talking shop over drinks. It’s like hanging out at the bar with the coworkers you wish you had. Quality production, good pace, and the drinking game adds another layer to the discussion. As the name suggests, its focus is primarily front-end web development.

🎙️ Front-end Happy Hour

🥇 Where to begin? Imposter Syndrome - Wine connoisseur with a $15 bottle

The Vanilla JavaScript Podcast

Produced by Chris Ferdinandi, The Vanilla JavaScript Podcast is vanilla in production, as well. Its stripped-down, straight-forward production is surprisingly refreshing in the golden age of podcasts. There are two primary types of episodes: philosophical and technical. In the ‘philosophical’ episodes, Chris muses about cultural and ethical concerns related to web development. In ‘technical’ episodes, Chris describes code and pulls it off!

🎙️ The Vanilla JavaScript Podcast

🥇 Where to begin? The challenges of being ethical in tech

Late Night Linux

Similar to Front-End Happy Hour, LNL is a ‘roundtable’ discussion of the news in Linux and open source technology. These are the sysadmins you wish you could hang out with. Yes, it’s Linux specific, but, if you’re a developer, why aren’t you using Linux yet?

🎙️ Late Night Linux

🥇 Where to begin? The most recent episode!

Best Podcasts for Web Developers

What are your best podcasts for web developers? Let me know on Twitter @jarednielsen

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