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Advice for new web designers

Hi, how are you? I'm 15 years old and have always been into technology. Web design & development is something that's always interested me, and I have always messed around with it creating multiple html, CSS and JavaScript projects. I recently started using WordPress and made my first website for a relative, after that I got a few more bookings, and now I have five websites for my portfolio. I was wondering, as a beginner, if any of you had any advice for a beginner starting out with web design & development. How do you get inspiration for the design and UI of a website? How did you find your first clients? I'm open for any advice you can share! 😏

For my websites, I use WordPress, Elementor, I also often add some coding to my websites just to spice things up and to do things you can't usually do with Elementor.

Here is my website if you want to check it out:
Although the mobile view still isn't finished as I have been too busy with my first few clients websites.

Thanks so much!

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Alex Dimitrov

I suggest you drop Elementor first. If you want a future in development and design, you want to know the fundamentals, not lock yourself into builders. Learn the languages!

Next, here are a few things to focus on (pick order and depth, but the more you work on, the better):

Design websites - come up ideas for new websites, tools, anything and design them from scratch. Look for inspiration.

Code your designs - after you are done, implement them. As detailed as you could. Always put them live somewhere for your portfolio.

Build something to sell - there are many marketplaces, you can make some money doing that, which is a good motivator on the long term.

Study fundamentals - programming concepts, data structures, code management and more. This always helps;

Work on open source project - be a contributor, create your own, be active in issues, PRs and more. There are ton to pick from

Find a job - I suggest doing a full-time job as soon as you finish school, not freelancing. Ideally in a team with good senior members to help you grow. When you start doing the same work for 2-3 months, ask for raise, new projects or find new job

I think this might help for the first few years :3

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Night Wolf

Thanks so much for your advice! I have been working on quite a few full html, css and JavaScript projects, and am planning on starting a coding course. I also am thinking about starting an eCommerce store. But for now, i will probably use Elementor until i can properly build a website fully out of coding, just because i need some source of income for now. Thanks for all your help :)

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Night Wolf

Okay, thanks so much, i am busy learning coding, and am planning on taking a course, thanks for the help!