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Hello, Nijeesh!

My only suggestion is to get your resume in PDF format (if it's not yet) and put active links to your web/projects. I found out that recruiters like to click and see the candidate's projects as fast and easy as they can.

I'd say you could include real links in the PDF native format itself (created from a Word document), or else in an interactive PDF created with InDesign. Both options should work.

However your resume is amazing! Congrats!



the first project i did for a company and its now inactive, so i cant post the link to it.

second one is still in progress

i will add the link to the third one.


Perfect, Nijeesh!

I totally understand, I can only show 2 of the infinite projects I did, but it's always good to have at least 1-2 side little projects to show!

Best of lucks, I hope you'll find a nice place to work 🙌


Hi Nijeesh,

Forgive my copy-editing but:

"Possesses" -> should be lowercase
"devops" -> should be DevOps
"ROR" -> should be RoR
"Front End" and "Back-end" -> be consistent with casing and use of hyphen"
"rails4" and "rails5" -> should be Rails 4 and Rails 5

Beyond those things, the resume is clear and well laid out. The reader's eye is most likely drawn to the Soft Skills section first - is that what you want?


In addition to these:

"there by" should be "thereby"
"junkie" should be "Junkie"
"largescale" should be "large scale"
"An web application" should be "A web application".

But "Performance Junkie" is probably not a good phrase to use, go with "Performance Oriented" or something else safe.

Overeall there are a few inconsistencies in terms of capitalisation, punctuation and tense. Make sure if you use a full-stop at the end of a line you do it for all similar lines (see "Projects" section) and pick whether phrases like "Native of Bilingual Proficiency" have any cause to be title-case (they don't)

In terms of sentence structure, you change from actions to descriptions:

  • "Designed a thing"
  • "Prototyped another thing"
  • "A thing that does something"

This feels like the section hasn't been proofread (which is what you're asking us to do so that's fine!)

As long as it's true, you could change phrases like "Fixed several severe security issues", which sounds vague, not to mention alliterative, into "Conducted a security audit to expose and address issues with..."


That is a good idea, I created a career-advice channel in a discord I am in and we do review our CVs among other things.

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