The Collab Lab Week 3 - Sync

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The Collab Lab (13 Part Series)

1) Learning to Be Noisy - Collab Lab Week 2 2) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Monday 3 ... 11 3) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Tuesday 4) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Wednesday 5) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Thursday 6) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Friday 7) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Saturday 8) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Sync 9) Collab Lab Week 4 - Monday 10) Collab Lab Week 4 - Tuesday 11) Collab Lab Week 4 - Wednesday 12) Collab Lab Week 4 - Thursday & Friday 13) Collab Lab Week 6 - What happens when we need more time?

We had our weekly sync today. Both of the stories were complete and merged to master this week on time. On odd numbered weeks, after demos we get to learn from a mentor presentation on a topic. It was pair programming this week.

I'm looking forward to implementing what I just learned about planning the work and switching between driver and navigator in a pairing session.

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