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Nikhil Chandra Roy
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How I feel reactJs project after JavaScript.

Hello folk,
I started just basic html when it was last month of 2018 and keep learning.
After 1-2 month I think html is just skeleton of web page and than I started css, than I feel little bit of comfortable to interact the web page and the design.
That time I have design some web page and feel proud to design more and more. Than again, I see my web page not have behavior and I am useless this too things than I research more and more, after research I started to learn javascript than I feel programming what can do and how those programming can be interact.
After learning javascript basic and found a lot of programming and lot of tools of webpage and there library, frameworks. Also understand the tools and way to make the webpage like others business and portfolio etc pages.
I have seen many people doing great jobs and great life of coding using js library and frameworks than I think that I have to learn reactJs and this is now my position to learning from internet with cheap Computer and poor internet connection at my home. my first reactJS project that I feel very tough without proper understand of html, css, js but I feel little bit of easy to do though it's tough for newbie because everything of javascript and jsx, webpage and multiple folder , packages etc. But, when I think about reactJs, it's not only reactJs but also I have to know about other library which is related of reactJS for example, react-router, react-redux, npm using to find any pack , for UI like material UI etc.
Hope, Lord will give me more patient and inspiration to learn more and doing more project.
Here is my first ReactJS project below.
Thanks all.

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