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A lesson from a 2 years old

A lesson from a 2 years old

Q: What can a 2 years old teach a 40 years old person?
A: A lot.

I have been struggling lately with my studies and I need to study a lot.

That made me think. I tried planning my studies using my calendar, but it didn't really work for me.

A week ago I realised that a “2 years old” approach might be used. Who taught me that? My 2 years old son :)

Basically the idea is to use any pause for playing toys to study/practice something. The key is to make sure you are prepared for that “any pause”, so you can study/practice more or less efficiently.

Another important key is to consider the environment.

If I am in the park helping my son to fall asleep, I can listen to a podcast from Codurance (if my son gets asleep, of course). Podcasts and audiobooks are the only option in the park, as I need to keep walking a lot.

If I am at work, taking a cuppa - I will read a book on pair programming on my Kindle. I will not listen to the audio, as it can be done at the park.

Being at home is the most flexible time for me, so I might use those “time pauses” for coding, as it is not something I can easily do at work or at the park..

If I am driving - I will concentrate on driving. Being a driver is a very wrong “environment for studies” in my case, as my potential driving mistakes might impact other people in a very negative way.

Well, it all sounds good in theory. Let me try it for a few weeks more and see how it goes :)

Many thanks to Bruno Souza for inspiration and to Codurance for their amazing podcast

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Lucia Cerchie

I love this!

nikitakoselev profile image
Nikita Koselev

Thank you. I can't believe how creative and smart kids are. The world will become a better place if adults listen more to the kids.