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Together we OpenSource

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The world is dying.

Well, we might be overly pessimistic, but the number of challenges is great and the number of efficient contributors to software solutions is not high enough. It has never been.
We need developers to help save water and energy, and prolong the lives of both humans and animals. The list of challenges is too long to list all of them here.

However, it takes months to find a suitable developer for a project, even in the world of finance, where money is not the biggest problem. Now try to imagine, how hard may it be for nature-related projects, like NationalTrust (UK), Greenpeace, and many others.

That is where we help. We help people of any degree of IT proficiency to get into OpenSource. We help people to become a true part of the Open Source Community. Our goal is to help them to impact society in the most positive way, while quickly and powerfully progressing their IT skills. Our goal is not to grow the “alike developers”, but rather to help each person to realize this individual’s strengths and build on these.
Every single person with the most basic IT knowledge can contribute to OpenSource, a lot.

No coding skills is actually required. Numerous roles in Open Source do not require coding skills.

Also, you might notice that your coding skills will just appear, at some point in the future ;)

We need to give this world a chance.
We need more contributors.
We need YOU.

P.S. Personally I want to help everybody to get a fair chance of getting a quality job. My focus is on supporting people from underprivileged groups and communities, but everybody is welcome.
I promise, I won't send away @mit and @Oxford students as long as you behave nicely :)

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