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Niklas Wilhelm
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DevTools365 [Release]: SharePoint SearchQueryTool Online

Hello guys, today I want to release a tool I'm working on for a while. Hopefully some of you find it useful 🙂


As a SharePoint Developer you may know the SharePoint SearchQueryTool from Mikael Svenson. There's basically no way around it when comes to write and test more complex KQL, find managed properties, work with refiners and so on... I've used it a lot (thanks Mikael 🙂).

So why creating a new SearchQueryTool?

Well.. I wanted to create a platform ( as kind of an toolbox for SharePoint developer. The SearchQueryTool seemed to be a good project to start with and after a lot more time of developing than I thought, it's finally ready to release.

How can I access?

--> 🌟 SharePoint SearchQueryTool (Online) 🌟 <--

Benefits and Features

  • Free to use
  • Crossplatform
  • No download needed
  • KQL editor, syntax highlighting & managed property intellisense
  • selected properties (autocomplete with managed properties)
  • sorting (autocomplete with managed properties)
  • open search result in SharePoint
  • JSON detail view
  • SharePoint Online only

Alt Text

What do I need to use it?

  • Web Browser (a modern one)
  • SharePoint Online
  • Global Administrator Account (for accepting the Admin Consent *once)

How do I use it?

  • Copy & paste an URL to any SharePoint site into the "Target Site (Url)" textbox and click "Connect"
  • Login with your Office365 Account and accept the user consent.
  • (Only for the first connect) After that you have to accept the admin consent. This is required because this tool needs permission to execute search queries, which can only be permitted by a global administrator.
  • After you've submitted the admin conset it can take a few minutes until the app is registered in your tenant. Just press "Connect" again. The App will show the Admin Consent button until the registration is done.

Please notice:
The project is in beta right now. If you face any issues while using it or have some remarks on the project itself please let me know by using the feedback button on or comment this post.

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