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10 Popular Angular Component Libraries For Web Developers in 2022

Angular is one of the top-rated and widely used front-end JavaScript (JS) frameworks with more than 60,000 stars on GitHub and a robust and dedicated community. It is used by developers worldwide for creating different types of apps, including Single Page Applications (SPAs), eCommerce sites, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), mobile apps, and enterprise applications. Developers prioritize Angular as it offers the best practices and tools for building effective, feature-rich, and stable applications.

According to Stack Overflow survey 2021, "Angular is one of the top three web development frameworks being used worldwide." Moreover, with the dedicated support of a reliable community of developers, angular component libraries, and the most advanced functionalities, there is no technology competition with Angular.

Angular component libraries enable developers to speed up their app development in different manners, also create the most satisfying applications for every business niche and size.

Why are Angular Component Libraries useful for modern web development?
Angular component libraries are termed a rich set of a wide array of reusable components. Each component here is a code that shows a styled part or design of a web application. Web app development becomes like a puzzle using these libraries and building blocks.

Let's check some of the reasons for using these libraries for your AngularJS development:

  • Architecture modularity
  • Stylistic unity (design)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple testing
  • User-friendliness

In this article, we will look into 10 popular angular component libraries for developing feature-rich and result-oriented applications.

1. NGX Bootstrap

Github Stars: 5100+

Weekly npm downloads: 11,000+

NGX Bootstrap is one of the most reliable and used Angular component libraries with more than 5.1k stars on GitHub. It is highly popular as it offers various templates and styles.

It works perfectly with most mobile and desktop platforms and offers a high-performance level. Besides these features, it also offers clear and well-thought documentation with set guidelines that help make the code easily readable.

Some Angular components you can easily utilize in this library are listed below:

  • Carousel;
  • Typeahead;
  • Accordion;
  • Collapse;
  • Alers, and others.

2. Prime NG

Github Stars: 6000+

Weekly npm downloads: 178,000+

Prime NG provides several other excellent components with an outstanding Angular CLI template, a rich set of open-source widgets, and superior themes. It helps in creating the best UI experience for the end-users.

Some Angular components you can easily utilize in this library are listed below:

  • AutoComplete;
  • ConfirmDialog;
  • MultiSelect;
  • DataView;
  • BreadCrumb;
  • FlexGrid;
  • Doughnut;
  • Filter Utils.

3. Onsen UI For Angular

Develop dedicated and high-quality hybrid mobile apps for iOS and android with Onsen UI and Angular. Onsen UI offers automatically designed per platform and lucrative Angular Directives. It also exposes an easy however powerful API.

4. Angular Material

Github Stars: **20,000+
**Weekly npm downloads:

Angular Material also termed Material2 earlier, developed with TypeScript, follow all standard practices and guidelines described in Google's Material Design. It offers several components for menu design, navigation menu design, building tables and blocks for data presentation, layout design, and pop-up creation.

Moreover, it allows you easily integrate additional features through command line templates. It also offers immense support to developers that need to create customized widgets and tools.

5. NG Bootstrap

Github Stars: 7000+

Weekly npm downloads: 200,000+

NG Bootstrap is one of the most popular angular component libraries. It replaces Angular UI-bootstrap and provides bootstrap 4 components. This Angular library also offers high testing facilities while eradicating all the 3rd-party JS dependencies.

Some Angular components you can use in this library are:-

  • Tooltip
  • Popover
  • Typehead
  • Modal
  • Datepicker

6. Kendo UI for Angular

Kendo UI is a remarkable and widely used AngularJS component library that works perfectly for creating enterprise applications. It offers strong commercial support, great customization features, decent documentation, more than 70 jQuery widgets, and an enhanced components library.

7. Clarity

Github Stars: 6000+
Weekly npm downloads: 11,000+

Clarity is an open-source Angular component library. It brings CSS and HTML components together with Angular components; it enhances the app's functionality effortlessly. Clarity is beneficial for both developers and designers.

Some Angular components you can use Clarity library are:-

  • Alerts
  • Grid
  • Login page
  • Passwords
  • Progress bars
  • Radio buttons
  • Toggle switches

8. Teradata Covalent UI Platform

Github Stars: 2200+

Teradata Covalent enables creating of easy-to-read codes with the help of standard design patterns and style guides. By using its strong configuration, developers can easily focus on customizing the app's functionality and making it faster. It also helps developers create and manage steppers, user profiles, breadcrumbs, and others.

9. NG-Zorro

NG-Zorro offers more than 60 top-notch components for creating interactive and eye-catching user interfaces. It is an open-source technology that relies on the Ant Design UI library for React app development.

NG-Zorro components are as follows:

  • Grid;
  • Affix;
  • Rates;
  • Form;
  • Space;
  • Buttons;
  • DatePicker;
  • Typography;
  • Breadcrumb;
  • Transfers, and many more.

10. Nebular

Github Stars: 6900+

Nebular is a highly customized Angular component library that makes the app development process easier. It offers different customizable components and six visual themes. This Angular library also offers a security layer and authentication for APIs.

Nebular components are as follows:

  • Steppers,
  • Spinners,
  • Chats,
  • Registration forms, and others.

Final words

So, these are 10 popular Angular component libraries you can consider in 2022. You can choose the most suitable library according to your project requirement. Using these libraries can enhance your app's functionality and visual elements. Create the best fit app and immense user experiences with Angular component libraries.

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