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7 Steps of Web Development Process

Before the beautiful web pages shine on the internet, before the eyes of the owner gets watery with ecstasy, before the web app attracts huge traffic, before it becomes a badass revenue generating machine and before it creates an apogee of user experience, the web application goes through various stages that people are generally unaware about.

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Preeti Dubey

Great piece of work, Nilesh! The complete web development process requires months and in some cases, maybe years. With the experience of more than 8 years in the field of web development, I can tell that even a big chunk of work, when divided into smaller subunits with the deadline, makes the whole process much easier. Web application is something that can’t be developed without a proper plan of action. A proper plan requires each and every requirement to be jotted down and then working on it accordingly.
But if we don’t put the deadline to each of them, we can’t make the process flow as required. We need to set the deadlines to have a proper estimate of the time and providing the proper structure to the plan as well. We just can’t move to and fro when it comes to execution. Setting deadlines for each of the tasks will allow the proper execution of the plan which will eventually let the web application development task be delivered on time.