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Top Mobile App Development Tools for 2021

nillwebdev profile image Nill Webdev ・3 min read

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of modern humans’ existence. From morning alarm, reading News, ordering food, chatting with friends, catching up on virtual meetings, and so on. It now becomes almost impossible to stay updated without mobile apps on these smartphones.

According to statistics, 3.5 billion people use smartphones in 2020, while 21% of Millennials open an app 50+times per day. So, you can imagine the hugeness of the mobile app market.

A mobile app in today’s world is a true reflection of your business. With the right development tool, you can create a crucial impact on your business app.

Here are some valuable mobile app development tools 2021 to develop a remarkable application:

1. Xamarin

Xamarin is developed and maintained by Microsoft. It shares a single code base to reduce time and development costs to build apps for different OS. Having a cloud service makes it one of the best cross-platform mobile app development tools. Been equipped with standardized UI controls, keep developers free from the worry of using any extra UI option. Its component store is a genuine treasure because of its impressive UI, third-party web services, libraries, and UI controls. It further allows us to implement specific functions like image recognition, offline mode, and sizable local data. It also supports QA and testing features for scalable and robust mobile apps.

2. PhoneGap

Known as Apache Cordova, PhoneGap helps to develop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It strives to bridge the gap between native apps and hybrid apps of mobile devices. It reduces the complexity of Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Some examples of PhoneGap include Wikipedia, DHS Program.

3. NativeScript

NativeScript is an open-source for building native mobile apps with Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, or Vue.js. It is mostly preferred by developers who want applications at less cost and limited time. NativeScript examples include Daily Nanny, TicTacToe.

4. Ionic

Another popular mobile app development tool is Ionic. It is used to develop cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Here the language used in it is TypeScript. It provides some valuable mobile-optimized components and native APIs using Ionic Native and Cordova. Examples of Ionic include Untappd, Cryptocurrency, JustWatch.

5. Appcelerator

Appcelerator helps in speeding up the process of app development by enabling developers to develop apps with less code. It is useful in developing both cross-platform and native apps. It follows the concept of write once, use anywhere, which makes it further perfect for developing hybrid applications.

6. Flutter

Flutter is backed by Google. It uses a single code base for several platforms like mobile and desktop. Written in Dart language, it is one of the best options for cross-platform development. Its vast range of customizable widgets makes the development of native interfaces easy and instant. Plus its UI toolkit is ideal to build fantastic native applications as it enriches applications with expressive and powerful UI. Examples of Flutter include Alibaba, Google Ads, JD Finance, etc.

7. React Native

React Native is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks used for cross-platform mobile app development. Since it is open-source, it allows building apps in Android as well as iOS OS. It uses the same code for iOS and Android that helps to reduce development time, plus helps to build powerful, quality, and reliable apps without costing a fortune. Further, it uses heavy JavaScript which helps in moving one project to another with ease. Examples of React Native include Myntra, Skype, and Facebook.

Concluding Words

Some popular mobile app development tools for 2021 are listed above. With the growing use of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, mobile apps serve multiple purposes. I hope that with the help of these frameworks and tools, you will create your praiseworthy mobile applications. Thank you for reading, good luck and have a nice day)

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