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love coding, not the language...

So before you get me wrong let me just say, while you are working with language obviously love the language to learn it but when you are done learning and there is nothing more to learn or you have potential to learn something new, do it! don’t hesitate to learn something even if it’s not useful at that moment.

I started my career in Perl about 14 years ago in 2016. I was very new to any kind of programming and I was fascinated by the coding. I learned Perl, Shell Scripting & Linux on the job and then read the books. There is a concept of reference in Perl which I only understood after reading book but I was using it for well over 3 months.

The only problem with Perl was when I picked up it was already on a decline as a new version (Perl 6) was in making for almost 8 years then and others were moving to new languages. But I loved the language so much that I just kept on using it and refusing to learn new languages, oh, I wish what if I had picked Python back in 2008? What's done is done now.

I worked on Perl till 2011 almost the first 5 years of my career till I saw that there are no jobs in the market for Perl and it forced me to learn something new, it was C#. I love this language but I never got a chance to do a deep dive into the language as it was only specific to Windows (i did use it on Linux using Mono project - which is officially supported now). I decided I will not make the same mistake of loving a programming language and pick something which is interesting and that where Python came. I picked it because it was in demand back then and I was desperately looking for a job. Luckily after 6 months of self-study, I found 1 in 2013. I am still with Python which evolving and getting more popular day by day but I am still keeping an eye on new stuff to learn.

In 13+ years, I learned that as a developer don’t stick to one language try to pick something new and keep yourself relevant.

Keep learning, keep exploring!

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