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Why Three Tier Architecture?

nirmalhk7 profile image Nirmal Khedkar ・1 min read

I'm novice in this world of MEAN/MERN stack development. I've made multiple projects using React.

From what I've read, I see that building Three Tier Architecture is useful if you want to have the same code base for Web and mobile apps: Ionic requires you to use Angular/React.

Three Tier Architecture is also useful if you want similar designs in both mobile and Android apps: one can build packages for React which can work in both React and React Native, thus giving uniform design.

What I dont understand is: for those web pages where mobile apps are not needed (like personal portfolio websites), why React? Why not two-tier architecture?

Why not use templating engines with NodeJS? No hassle of state maintainence/redux, vanilla HTML (easy and conveinient), simple projects ...

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