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Angular and React fun way πŸ˜„

There is no doubt companies are putting everything and constantly upgrading but, finally It's up to developer who decides which is best suitable for their application.

Lets chill

It's just for fun! Let's say if they're film actors and meet at some big film premiere party 🍻 🍾

Angy - Hello Re, wassup!!!

Re - Hey Angy, Long time how are you doing buddy!

Re - All good men.

Angy - Dude, You know what, I want to buy you a drink.

Re - No, You're the man. Drinks on me.

Angy - You sure?

Re - Yeah dude. Let's chill. Howz life men.. You alright?

Angy- Yep, Recently bought new big Villa on 12th street shifted there. Let's chill sometime at my place.

Re - cool, Interesting. I've also recently moved to 17th street nice cool apartment very dynamic functional cool design. Decided to move to modern but, I'm keeping old classy traditional too at 15th street.

Angy - Nice! You know let's order something.

Re - Sure, What you will prefer. I know Mc Thnuder NgRx 1!!!

Angy - You got it! men... but, I don't know yours Is it MxContext, Redux Pt. which one I forgot.
You always make me difficult to chose as you've many options.

Re - Haha, Me and you are totally different men but, I like your choice. You know what recently got this contract with production house. Nextjunction. One more on the way Remix production.

Angy - Howz things are going for you in industry? What do you think your fans are liking it your style your recent work? From media I hear that people are going crazy.

Re - It's alright I can say. Last few years you've also done some very good projects. You've very huge fan following.

Angy - yeah yeah...but, sometimes it is very difficult to hold and make it up mark. nowadays you're killing it. You're very close to your fans. We both are flexible but, my director demand mostly in Big leading roles.

Re - Thanks Angy! Yeah it's always up to our directors and fans what kind of role they want us to play. I Can say just go with the flow. I've observed many times you do big interesting stories where I do more of content driven very different stories. You know in this party my wife always asks me to wear casuals as I looks good on me so usually i prefer casuals and I believe your wife must be likes you in formals. You know this new guy Vu is also in market and people also going crazy behind him.

Angy - Yeah men, we both know.. I've started hitting gym and taking this IVY pills helping me a lot.. feeling better nowdays. we both are trying hard from performance side but, its up to fan to decide

Re - Yeah mate, finally It's up to fan to decide. I also have this contract with multiple third party agencies which helps me in my makeup touchup and improving my acting and skills.

Andy - Cool, that looks interesting. I need to talk to manager about it.

Re - It was nice seeing you Andy. Let's hangout some other day.

Andy - Yepp men.. definitely.. bring that dude (vu) as well.

Understand dContext πŸ˜„
I hope you like it

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