Need a custom domain email provider

nishantwrp profile image Nishant Mittal ・1 min read

Hi Guys,

Do you know any email providers that provide free emails with custom domains other than zoho(It allows only 1 domain in a free plan and I already used that)?


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Nishant, you need to own your second domain. Also, never go for free domain with service until you confirm that ownership of domain is yours. It's marketing tactics to sell services by offering one free domain .

Domain name is your business address.

If you have your domain then buy any cheap hosting with cpanel .Other solution is to build a email server by self.


I am the owner of my domain, I just needed an email server.


Buy a cpanel hosting. Shared will work.
If you want your own server than ensure port 25 open by vendor. The easiest way is to use docker image like mailcow to setup a server


You can create a mail server by yourself.

Some OSS for you:


Thanks! Will check them out


Migadu have a free plan, i'm testing now and looks ok to use on side projects.


Thanks, will check it out!